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   Everyone shows up to therapy in different situations. and facing different challenges. Perhaps you are aware of an issue you want to address or maybe you are seeking therapy at a doctor's or loved one's suggestion. You may be able to identify what's happening for you or you may feel confused about what you're experiencing. Show up as you are! Nervous or unsure about therapy? Lets talk! Therapy is a collaborative process and I will work with each client to develop an individualized plan of treatment. Weekly sessions at the office, sessions outside,  or a trip in the back country- we will find the best fit for you!​ 


 Relationships are a journey and couples come to therapy for many reasons! Perhaps you and your partner are exhausted at an impasse, tired of having the same fight, or unhappy with life's current trajectory. Married for 2 years? 7? or 30? Not married? Divorced? There are trials and triumphs in all relationships.

In my work with couples I help partners address areas of disconnection, places of hurt, and rekindle intimacy. We will explore communication, attachment styles, mindful action, and connection. 

Parent Coaching

Do you ever ask yourself... Why are they acting this way? Why are they not listening to me? How do I help? What are they feeling? Why do I feel so frustrated? What do I do now?

Through an attachment lens, I help parents and caregivers find a path through the challenging spots.  We will work on strengthening skillful communication, connection, healthy boundaries,  and dynamics of power.

Whether your child is a toddler or an adult, parenting is a journey!  


 Adolescents are naturally in a phase of self exploration, development, and rebellion. For some this can prove challenging. Perhaps mood and behavior symptoms emerge or a traumatic event occurs. Some teens want help and others resist (very typical!). Whatever your situation, I am here to help. If you are unsure if your child needs help, please call and we can talk about it. 

 When working with adolescents, I find a balance in treatment approaches based on client needs, age, and interest to be most effective.  


 Bringing the whole group in for therapy can be incredibly potent! Perhaps your family has experienced a loss or change, or maybe the tension in the house is ready to burst. Going through therapy can help a family identify issues, increase communication, address conflict, and break down barriers.

In addition to offering family sessions at our office, we specialize in Wilderness Therapy Intensives for families. Please call to learn more!


Participating in a therapeutic group can be a life changing experience!

Currently I am accepting new clients for an Experiential Process Group for Women age 25+. Clients can expect this group to contain a mixture of process, education, practice, and self reflection. These groups are intimate spaces which strongly focus on utilizing the group container as a place for deeper therapeutic work. 

Please reach out if you are interested! I meet with each new prospective group member before joining to get to know you and ensure rightness of fit.

Current Rates

At this point in time all of my services are private pay. 

 I will gladly help you explore reimbursement as an "Out of Network" provider. 

I offer a limited number of sliding scale spots as low as $60.

  • Individual Session (50 minutes)- $100
  • Couples and Families  (50 minutes)- $125
  • Groups (75 minutes)- $25

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