Mindfulness Based Counseling

mindfulness based counseling

What is my therapeutic style? What does therapy look like?

It is important to remember that therapy looks different for each person as each person's history is different and every individual has different goals for therapy.​ We will talk about what your goals are!

My approach to therapy highlights the inherent wisdom and potential for healing within each client. I also recognize that emotional wounding happens in relationship and is therefore healed in healthy relationship. Thus, building and tending the therapeutic relationship is an important and intentional process.

In my work I help clients develop healthy boundaries, strengthen emotional regulation, and deepen self connection. Bringing a mindfulness component to therapy, I work with clients to cultivate mindful awareness which enables them to stay present in the moment. This is where change can occur. Mindful awareness also helps build the foundation of one's mind body connection which is central to the somatic experience of the healing process.  Evidence continues to show that emotions are stored in the body as well as the mind. Practically speaking, practicing mindfulness is like building a muscle which helps address challenging emotions and behaviors. 

About Me


Rhianna Appel, MA, LPC, LCAS-A

Hello! I am a licensed professional counselor with over 10 years professional experience. First and foremost you will find that I meet others with compassion and sincerity. My approach is a blend of somatic, psycho dynamic,  and attachment psychologies.  

My intention is to help people address the roots of their struggle. While I do believe symptom management is important, too many therapies fail to go beyond our cognitive  experience. Unfortunately I have had many clients show up in my office who were wondering what was wrong with them because they were still struggling after many sessions of cognitive based therapy. It does not have to be this way! Through utilizing mindful, trauma informed and body centered approaches to therapy I help clients find and tend to the points of disconnection with self and other, so they can find a path towards inner balance, wholeness, and connection. 

Knowing oneself is integral! When working with me you can expect to learn more about yourself- the parts you love as well as those that you struggle with. You will be met with patience and guided into relating with your self on a deeper level, one where you learn about the patterned way you show up in the world. My hope is that you will find therapy can be a place for  introspection, discovery, and healing.

Formal Education



Self Discovery, PTSD, Trauma, Insecure Attachment, Family Dynamics, Anxiety, Transitions, Addiction (substance & behavior), Self Harm, Mood Disorders, Parenting, Mindful Living 

SMC Beliefs

Mental Health Is Important

 People seek therapy for a variety of reasons and all reasons are valid. Mental health is as important as physical health. Research shows that emotions are stored throughout our bodies, not just in our minds and memories. Thus mental health and physical health are interdependent.

Therapy Facilitates Healing and Growth

 Therapy offers the opportunity to consciously make change. Every individual has an inherent ability for healing.  While symptom management may be a component of treatment, healing is a primary objective. 

Diversity is Integral

You are welcome to show up as you! At SMC we welcome all individuals with non judgement, respect, and openness.